Key Market Manager

As Key Market Manager at Awake, you will be part of a talented and enthusiastic operations/sales team of approximately five individuals. Within this team you will have a sales focused position who researches, activates and manages markets relevant for Awake. The Key Market Manager’s primary function is to administer and coordinate the implementation of proper processes, activities and distributor/reseller/affiliate partnerships on the specific market. He/she reports directly to the CEO. He/she works closely with the Brand Manager to ensure a successful introduction of the brand to specific markets.

+ Duties

  • Strategy development.
  • Key market research.
  • Key account management.
  • CRM implementation.
  • Sales process development.
  • Event coordination.
  • Sales activity development.
  • Sales activity coordination.
  • Market Team/agent-coordination.

+ Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree/equivalent focusing on marketing, sales and/or economics.
  • 2 years of relevant experience.
  • Proficient knowledge: Google Suite.
  • Proficient knowledge: Microsoft Office.

+ Conditions

  • Language requirement: English, spoken and written
  • Employment status: Full-time
  • Extended or irregular hours: May be required
  • Start: Effective immediately

Awake is looking for a person who will be working closely alongside the company’s Brand Manager to build and develop the company’s sales department. The various tasks introduced above demands an organized and structured mind that loves solving problems. As the position is sales focused, the strive to convert sales, to always look for different solutions during negotiations and to be able to see opportunities in the weirdest places is absolute key.

The position involves an extensive amount of travelling since the goal is to activate and manage a number of international distributors and clients. Loving to travel will obviously make this a golden position.

Awake is a company selling products catering the absolute elite, what we are selling is not only a product but the lifestyle that comes with it. It is therefore of paramount importance that the Key Market Manager loves to have fun and enjoy life since this is what he/she will ultimately be selling!

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