Name: Magnus Groseth
Location: Oslo, Norway
Company name: Vannbrett AS
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“It is, by far, the most exciting activity I have done in the last 10 years"
Magnus Groseth

Magnus Groseth has been an entrepreneur in the car industry for many years. He decided to branch out partnering with Awake after he purchased his first board. Vannbrett has been a partner of Awake since the beginning of 2022. 

Why do you enjoy working with Awake?

It is by far the most exciting activity I have done in the last 10 years. 

Whenever I see an awake video on the screen in my shop, I just want to go out and RIDE!  Every time I tell Awake stories to customers, friends, family, or colleagues, my eyes light up, and you can see the Awake smile on my face. 

What does an ideal day with a customer look like? 

If the customer is a first-timers, I love to see their face when they see all the gear ready for them when they arrive. They can't wait to hit the water! The best thing is the first time they get to stand up on the RÄVIK or the VINGA series. You can see the adrenaline pumping through their blood; they feel ALIVE like many haven't felt in a very long time. All the customers I have taken to sea so far love it! It doesn't matter if they are a dentist or if they are a former professional athlete. They all fall in love with the Awake boards within the first hour. 

My goal is to make everybody #StayAwake 

Which is your favorite Awake board? 

As a former Snowboard instructor, the RÄVIK S became my favorite, I have also bought some Vadatek bindings this year! So hopefully, I will be able to make even bigger jumps in 2023! That’s my goal!

What is your favorite riding session?

I love to ride early in the morning at around 06-07.00, it gives me the same feeling as I get a couple of times each winter when I am able to go powder riding in the snow. The difference? I get the “powder-feeling” everything I ride Awake! I love it! 

What is your favorite riding mode?

Extreme, of course! Always strapless with the RÄVIK 3, always both straps on the S22 and with or without on the VINGA depending on if I go for a chill cruise or a jump session.

Which boards do you sell at your shop? 

We sell all Awake boards; The RÄVIK 3, RÄVIK S, VINGA 3, and VINGA S. I don't see a reason to sell anything else! Awake makes the fastest and best electric boards in the world. At Awake, you get what you pay for!

Shop Magnus's favorites!
Awake RÄVIK S Electric surfboard profileAwake RÄVIK S Electric Surfboard
€13.400 ex. VAT
Awake Flex Battery XRAwake Flex Battery XR
Awake Flex Battery XR
€6900 ex. VAT
Awake Foot strapsAwake Foot straps
Awake Foot straps
€300 ex. VAT
Awake x ION Impact vestAwake x ION Impact vest
Awake x ION Impact vest
€200 ex. VAT
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