Electric Jetboards
Awake is the premier manufacturer of high-performance electric surfboards & eFoils. Discover our series RÄVIK and VINGA.


A pure and smooth flying machine that will take foiling to new heights.

RÄVIK Electric Surfboards

Awake RÄVIK S Electric Surfboard
Awake RÄVIK S 22
€12 900 ex. Vat
Awake RÄVIK 3 Electric surfboard
Awake RÄVIK 3
€12 400 ex. Vat
Electric Surfboard or eFoil?
How do you make the right choice when looking to buy your next board? First, let's explore the differences between the two types of boards so that you can make an informed choice.


Can't choose between eFoil and Electric Sufboard? Get the both of two worlds when buying our bundles, including VINGA and RÄVIK.

The Performance Bundle
The Performance Bundle
€30 400 ex. Vat
The Cruise Bundle
The Cruise Bundle
€29 900 ex. Vat