If you're into action water sports, then it doesn't get more action-packed than a ride on an Awake electric surfboard; innovative, pioneering, safe, easy to use, and high-performance. This is for those who love the great outdoors. And for those who spend more time on the water than off it.

We're here for the adventurous of spirit who enjoy their water sports with a heavy dose of adrenaline. Welcome to Awake, state-of-the-art technology created to deliver one thing; an experience you can't get enough of. We'll see you on the water; stay Awake.
Designed for action
If Awake boards can make it here, they can make it anywhere because Scandinavian waters provide some of the world’s harshest marine conditions. Fun, so long as you’re on the right board. As a result of the unique innovations we’ve developed, our boards can withstand salty, tumultuous waters, high surface speeds, rough handling, and over-enthusiastic riders. In fact, we say bring it on. The hydrodynamic hull and rocker designs and the pioneering jet system are all constructed in lightweight yet extraordinarily robust and rugged materials. All of which guarantees the most exciting adrenaline-inducing experience possible.
Engineered for a safe ride
Automotive standard safety efforts, including multiple layers of mechanical, electrical, and software features, provides a state-of-the-art safety system. Numerous sensors, including constant monitoring of temperature, power consumption, system abnormalities, and physical orientation of the board, ensure a safe and reliable experience for the user. All the modules are individually water-sealed. Cloud connectivity technology logs usage data and enables remote system updates provided by our engineering team. This technology ensures that our clients always have the latest product upgrades and software, no matter what model or year they purchased their electric surfboard.
Ease of use at our core
At Awake, simplicity and user experience is in complete focus. As we are all keen riders ourselves, we have spent countless engineering hours encapsulating our pioneering technology to make everything as convenient as possible for the end-user. Modularity and changeability offers the user a simple, modular product from the outside, packed with innovative technology on the inside. The battery requires no cables, neither in the board nor the charger. We try to maximise weight-to-power ratio, and all handles are in the right place - to make it easy to ride as well as to carry.
Board models