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Top speed: 30 knots / 56 kph
Acceleration: 0-50 kph in 4 seconds
Runtime: 40 min of mixed riding
Exchangeable battery: Yes
Charge time: 80 min
Wireless throttle: Yes
Carbon fiber body: Yes
Dimensions: 179x61x19 cm
Weight: 35 kg in total


Awake's electric surfboards

Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed, and precision. Awake's electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights, giving the user an unparalleled riding experience.

Crafted from high-end composites, these electric surfboards challenges the users with aggressive power. The slim rear offers rapid response and high agility, while the streamlined body design is sculpted with acute attention to hydrodynamics.

Awake design

Awake design is a leading Scandinavian expression of power and agility within a clean and elegant body. Attention has been given to features which ensure ease-of-use without compromising the thrilling riding experience.

The result is an aggressive machine made with the user in mind, infusing technical advancements with intriguing looks. From nose to nozzle, Awake's premier creation; the RÄVIK, is a purpose-built speed machine

Awake technology

Awake's technology standard is cutting-edge engineering; focused on mechanical and electrical precision.

The core purpose at Awake is to offer extreme mobility by use of high-end technology.

Through user feedback, Awake products are a direct response to what the market desires, resulting in a patent-pending where it matters the most.


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