Made in Sweden
Awake's electric surfboards are designed with one key factor in mind: Adrenaline. The 11 kW brushless electric motor amply delivers the torque necessary to propel the rider to speeds of up to 30 knots / 56 kph in mere seconds. A precision-machined impeller and housing parts ensure maximized efficiency and awe-inspiring acceleration.

Awake recruits Adam Treschow as new CEO
For the past three years, Awake has taken the electric surfboard market by storm, positioning themselves as one of the industry’s frontrunners. Now...
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is this: "Can you ride the boards in waves?" Short answer: Yes.≈ 6 min answer: Watch this video....
The functionality and ease-of-use is key for a great experience on the Awake Boards, and a lot of work has gone into small, enabling details. The...
Awake in media

Awake VINGA review by Jetsurfing Nation
Awake VINGA review by Jetsurfing Nation
Mike Zed is one of the pioneers in the Jetboard industry. Watch his review of the Awake VINGA eFoil here! Read more
Awake Days 2022
Together with our retailers, we will host Awake days, where you will have the opportunity to meet us and ride our boards. Email awakedays@awakeboar... Read more
Awake Tour 2022
The awake team will once again be on the road. We’re heading out for the yearly pre-season Euro Tour, where we will meet partners, and friends, sh... Read more