3 series
3 series
"The 3 series are the versatile electric jetboards, they are built to accompany riders from their very first session to mastering carves”
Daniel Aronsson, Co-Founder - Awake
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The 3 series are the all-around electric surfboards and eFoils, precisely developed and refined to accompany new & existing Awakers, dreaming about evolving in no time with extra comfort.

The boards feature high buoyancy to ensure early and soft starts, and rails have been smoothened out to help forgive mistakes. These groundbreaking boards design to ensure a versatile, evolutive, and highly qualitative experience, pushing riders to challenge themself with all types of technical maneuvers.

Stable, the 3 series boards ensure that beginners get up to riding on and above the water in only a few minutes. While more advanced riders will benefit from playful and performing board shapes to train for new tricks without exhaustion.

The heaviest riders will encounter the high torque needed to power their adventures with the most potent jet on the market, combined with the safety offered by Awake’s unique shielded linear jet technology. Meaning thrust, grip, and power will support your quest for high-performance riding.

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Awake VINGA 3 electric jet eFoil

Awake VINGA 3

€12.900 ex. VAT

The easiest eFoil

The Awake VINGA 3 is the quickest to handle and most versatile electric hydrofoil, the board has been created to accompany new users from their very first ride to mastering cruising & carving.

Awake RÄVIK 3 Electric surfboard

Awake RÄVIK 3

€12.900 ex. VAT

The easiest electric surfboard

The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the most accessible and versatile electric surfboard. It has been designed to provide an easy, stable, and controlled first ride but offers the optimal platform to grow and learn.