Richard Kado
Richard Kado
Nationality: Canadian
Currently living in: Muskoka & Scottsdale
Year of birth: 1949
Board type: RÄVIK 3
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 79 kg
“So far the best stuff is all the falling that I’ve done as I try to carve harder. The funny stuff is the weird looks I get as I zip past boats on the lake.”
Richard Kado
Who are you?

I'm Richard, I am 73 years old and retired. I was part owner of a financial product development company.  I’ve been a snowboarder for 25 years and I go on at least one big mountain snowboard trip every winter. My main passion in life is my family of wife, three daughters, their partners, and nine grandchildren. 

Tell us about your background in sports?

I work out several times a week in the gym in a constant battle to minimize the impact of aging. I am also a passionate snowboarder, and about 20 years ago I did my level 2 snowboard instructor exam. As I mentioned before, I go on a big mountain snowboarding trip every winter. I also ride my bike regularly and wake surf, so you could say I am a pretty active guy. 

Favorite riding environment?

I like to go out riding when it is relatively calm outside, but I am looking forward to being able to handle swells in the future. We get some nice waves from various wake surf boats that come by our cottage and it would be fun to try some new tricks on the waves. I like to go out riding when the water is normally between 22-24 degrees Celsius, so preferably not that cold.

What board do you have?

I have the RÄVIK 3 board, with 2 XR batteries. 

What is your favorite riding mode?

My favorite riding mode is the Sport mode. I have tried the extreme and hit the water pretty hard so I dialed it back to the Sport mode for now. I started to go riding without the foot straps, which I love. But to be able to carve better, I put on the straps and now I only ride with the straps, until I can master a carving turn. 

Preferred riding session?

My favorite sessions are my solo sessions for sure.

Do you have any fun/crazy anecdotes from riding?

So far the best stuff is all the falling that I’ve done as I try to carve harder. The funny stuff is the weird looks I get as I zip past boats on the lake.

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