Becoming Awake
“Why do I need all this gear?...” – That’s what fuelled the passion of Philip Werner, the young Swedish wakeboarder who’s coming date with destiny would include electric water sports, innovation and sustainability. This same passion drove him to build his first electric surfboard in 2012; a rebuilt windsurf board with a small turbine and lithium batteries. This small beginning most likely made him the sole and original inventor of the electric surfboard as we know it.

The real journey began one year later, which would ultimately launch a new segment within the water sports industry. The era of electric surfboards had begun. In 2017 Philip founded Awake with the purpose of manufacturing the best and most desired electric, sustainable, performance jet surf.

Awake is an engineering company that continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible within electric water sports and leads this industry’s transition towards a zero emission lifestyle. The Awake mission is to fast-forward the future of electric water sports by providing cutting-edge, high-performance electric jet surf. Together, we’re ushering in a new era of premium, sustainable electric water sports exhilaration. Combining excitement with responsibility. Protecting the environment. Be Awake.
"For us, being Awake means relentlessly pursuing the forefront of technology and pushing the envelope of what extreme sports enthusiasts think of as possible."

– Daniel Aronsson, CEO
Awake’s vision
"Zero emission performance" — A simple phrase that grasps the focus and embodies the drive of the entire team at Awake. By combining cutting-edge technology with sustainable development and market leading performance, we firmly believe that Awake will not only push the nische market that is motorized surfboards, but the whole marine industry forward.