The story behind Awake
”Why do I need all this gear...?”
– This question is what drove wakeboarder and Awake co-founder Philip Werner to build his first electric surfboard in 2012.

The real journey began one year later, in 2013, with the launch of his first electric surfboard company. In 2017, Philip and his two partners, Daniel Aronsson and Mikael Kajbring left and founded a new company with the purpose of creating the best and most desired, cutting-edge, high-performance electric jetboards on the market.

The next milestone came in the spring of 2022, with the launch of Awake’s first eFoil, the Awake VINGA.
The mission
We are not about making just another water gear.

Awake’s mission is to create exhilarating water experiences, for water sports enthusiast that constantly seeks the next challenge. We are passionate, adventurous thrill seekers, and we want to share this passion.

Through technology and innovation, combined with our true belief in a zero-emission future, we are creating exhilarating, joyful, and safe experiences, by pushing the envelope of what one normally could expect.
The products
High-performance and quality in everything we do - to enable both beginners and pros to take on any challenge.

Awake’s Flex-system, gives you the freedom to use eFoil & electric surfboard, anytime, with the same gear. The essential ingredient to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled experience is our complex state-of-the-art safety system for both the riders and the gear.

All gear is designed with the rider in mind, so you find a board for every level and unique user features to enjoy the best experience.