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The first ever eFoil backflip is landed!

World's first eFoil backflip is landed! 
Thursday, April 6th, 2023, at 4:39 PM EST, Awake pro-rider Flo Garbaccio landed a powerful backflip (back-roll rotation) on the VINGA S eFoil. 
Last week, the Awake crew recorded their next S series movie in Miami: a movie featuring extreme athletes pushing the sport's limits. On the second day, Flo Garbaccio started to warm up on the VINGA S eFoil with FLUID 1000 wings; on his first jump of the day, he targeted the boat wake to take off and commit a back-roll rotation.
“I took slightly too much speed before the jump, so I was late sending the rotation, so I tried to spin fast. When I felt the board passing over my head with lots of motion, I kept my body fully compressed until I could see the landing point.” - Flo Garbaccio, Awake pro-rider.
The VINGA S is a short & compact eFoil allowing for maximum freedom and providing riders with unmatched power thanks to the efficient linear jet propulsion. The jump take-off was powerful but landed relatively smoothly due to the high-aspect wings, so Flo held tight and gave throttle to ride off the white waters. The crew started to claim and cheer on the boat while watching Flo celebrating, pointing his fists toward the sky.
“This is a big step for eFoiling as a sport, the backflip is one the most iconic maneuver in any extreme sport, and it opens the door for many other air tricks. Both the sport and the machines have now reached such level of performance that it triggers the most skilled riders around the globe.” -  mentions Mikael Kajbring, Awake's co-founder.
Awake’s co-founder Philip Werner, did land the first electric surfboard backflip a couple of years ago, opening the doors to more engaged airs. That is why going after such a symbolic maneuver on the eFoil was one of the performance team's goals, pushing the envelope of what people think is possible.
So now, what will be next?

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