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Awake & NOCCO in Åre

As a part of celebrating the campaign #playathome, while also providing NOCCO’s snow-hungry athletes with a proper pre-season adrenaline kick, Awake headed up to Åre, Sweden, one of Europe's most famous extreme sports locations!

We spent a week exploring the beautiful, Autumn-dressed Åre, Jämtland;

  • We got close and personal with Sweden’s largest waterfall ‘Tännforsen

  • We enjoyed glassy morning rides in complete silence at Åre Lake

  • Awake’s team riders invited NOCCO’s ski athletes to a day of a different kind of fun, riding the new Awake RÄVIK S.

Read NOCCO/Vitamin Well’s Global Event Manager Niclas Drotz’s thoughts below the gallery!


"With the circumstances we have right now, we are super happy we got the chance to offer our SKI-athletes based in Åre a unique opportunity to play around with Awake's electric surfboards, challenging themselves and work on their balance for the upcoming season. A perfect match with our two brands striving to push limits and remembering the fun with it. With beautiful surroundings and cold water we can only agree with this statement; “You just want to drink another NOCCO and go out there and push the Awake boards harder and harder” – said by the NOCCO athletes.
Niclas Drotz, Global Event Manager, NOCCO/Vitamin Well

The athletes that set out to master the Awake RÄVIK S:

We are looking forward to more ZERO EMISSION PERFORMANCE together with the NOCCO-team, and until then,


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