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Awake RÄVIK 3 is here!

At Awake, innovation never sleeps. Pioneering is one of our core values and is applied to everything we do, from research and development to manufacturing and commercial efforts. During a record-breaking 2020, we launched a disruptive new model; The Awake RÄVIK S, we expanded our retailer network both east and west, and we founded our US subsidiary.

2021 is starting with more record-breaking sales numbers, new attractive price levels to reach a broader market and now we are gearing up with the launch of our third generation of electric surfboards; the Awake RÄVIK 3

Awake RÄVIK 3 comes with a revised hull design, where weight distribution, carving capabilities, and hydrodynamic performance have all been updated. Brand new tech, such as an optimized electronic speed controller (ESC), a second-generation wireless hand controller, a completely re-made brushless motor, and a new, more aggressive impeller gives way for dynamic stability and agile carving, without losing touch with the company’s award-winning Scandinavian design heritage. The patent-pending modular system ensures Awake’s signature performance, automotive/sophisticated safety systems, and ease-of-use.

With Awake RÄVIK ONE and its jaw-dropping acceleration and top speed, we took the first steps in fast-forwarding the future of action water sports back in 2018.” says Awake’s CEO Daniel Aronsson. “The awesome race-characteristics of our second model; the Awake RÄVIK S, introduced a completely new segment to the electric surfboard market, where the conventional limits of electric action sports were erased when my colleague and co-founder Philip Werner landed the first backflip on a wireless motorized surfboard.”

The Awake RÄVIK 3 is a development of the company’s two previous models, where both internal learnings and external feedback from the previous models have been used as a blueprint for the R&D teams.

Stay Awake!


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