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Awake RÄVIK Wall Mounts

“Design by engineering” is deeply embedded in Awake’s R&D department, and as a development company, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the offering to our clients. This is why the latest addition to our product portfolio, the custom-made Awake RÄVIK Wall Mounts are not only practical and easy to install in any house, garage or boat, but also skillfully designed to emphasize Awake’s dedication to Scandinavian design heritage.


At Awake, the ultimate user experience is enveloped in desire and satisfaction. These two ingredients are critical in how things work, the way they do what they do, and the way they look and feel. Someone who has never ridden an Awake board should think, “that’s what I want because that’s exactly how it should be” before the experience. And after the experience, they should think that’s beyond what I was hoping for

With that in our DNA, we have used excellent tools like SolidWorks and premium components like Fidlock fasteners to design and develop a wall mount to practically, securely, safely, and attractively store and display our boards. Even if you’re not riding your Awake RÄVIK, you should still be able to enjoy it.

– Brendon Vermillion, Head of Design at Awake

The Awake RÄVIK Wall Mount comes complete with an installation template, which is different depending on what model you have and if you want your board stored/displayed horizontally or vertically.

The Awake RÄVIK Wall Mounts retail at €970, for more information and purchase, please reach out to

Stay Awake!

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