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Awake release the brand’s annual campaign theme for 2021, encouraging the exploration and adventures that can be found “just around the corner” — PLAY AT HOME!

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Awake has kept on expanding during 2020, in spite of the hardship that this historical year brought with it. They started off with a very successful BOOT Düsseldorf 2020, launching the next step in high-precision electric surfboarding; Awake’s race model – Awake RÄVIK S.

A few weeks passed, then, almost overnight, a global lockdown was activated as a result of a global pandemic. But, as humans have shown throughout history, some of our greatest assets are perseverance, versatility, and adaptation.

Now, Awake is looking back at a record-breaking season with 100% growth both in terms of revenue and retailer network expansion, and this comes down to one simple fact; people will (and needs) to keep playing. In these difficult times, with global travel restrictions in effect, there is this great opportunity to explore the immediate surroundings, and (re)explore the adventures that can be found just around the corner.

With this in mind, Awake is launching their 2021-theme: PLAY AT HOME

“The name says it all; ‘Play at home’. Get out there, explore the adventures in YOUR backyard! There is something about bringing the Awake boards with a few friends and colleagues up north, getting a new perspective of the beauty that can be found right here at home.” Awake Brand Manager Gustav Kjellberg says. “So, what local spots would you bring Awake’s electric surfboard to..?”

Experience Awake’s first adventures back home in Sweden: [CLICK ME]

Find Awake’s media archive here: [CLICK ME]

Good times ahead, and Stay Awake!

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