The essential ingredient for any adrenaline-fuelled, high-performance water-based experience is safety. Our state-of-the-art automotive standard safety system includes sensors that continuously monitor temperature, power consumption, system abnormalities, and the board's physical orientation - all water-sealed for peace of mind. So riders can power across the water confident in the knowledge that we put safety first.
In addition, Cloud-connected technology logs usage data and enables remote system updates provided by our engineering team. This connectivity means our clients always have the latest product upgrades and firmware, no matter what model or year they purchased their electric surfboard.
Battery safety is our focus
Awake batteries are robust and developed with extreme care according to the highest automotive standards. Three layers of safety features ensure continuous and stable functionality and reliability.
Passive Cooling System
Our patent-pending passive cooling system ensures that during the ride, all components are thoroughly cooled. This efficient system means you can put the battery on charge directly after a ride without worrying about potential overheating.
Safety Sensor System
Our safety sensor system continually monitors the temperature, energy consumption, and overall condition of the board. Gyro technology monitors orientation, so if the board flips upside-down, it shuts off automatically. The magnetic safety power key leash acts as a "dead man's grip". If the rider falls off (and the leash is correctly attached to the body), the board will again shut off automatically.
Watertight seals and parts
All board modules and parts are fully watertight and have been thoroughly tested in our labs.