If Awake Boards can make it here, they can make it anywhere because Scandinavian waters provide some of the world's harshest marine conditions. Fun, so long as you're on the right board. As a result of the unique innovations we've developed, our boards can withstand salty, tumultuous waters, high surface speeds, rough handling, and over-enthusiastic riders.
We say bring it on. The hydrodynamic hull and rocker designs and the pioneering jet system are constructed in lightweight yet extraordinarily robust and rugged materials. All of which guarantees the most exciting water-borne experience possible.
Awake's Linear Jet System
Our patent-pending Linear Jet System* helps you make the most of the riding experience. It provides superior surface grip by minimizing air suction in choppy waters, resulting in consistent and intuitive riding characteristics. 
Model-specific rocker design
The board's nose, called the 'rocker' curve, affects the board's agility and ability to fit into the water in different conditions. The rocker design you choose depends on how aggressively you want to ride and the water conditions you feel comfortable riding in. For example, you may prefer a smooth glide at high speed or heavy turns and jumps in chop or steep waves. Awake offers three different rocker designs: smooth, dynamic, and aggressive.
Material choices
Our boards are going to take a pounding from chop, waves, and aggressive handling. That’s why the board hulls are constructed with composite materials like carbon fiber and kevlar (that’s right, the stuff they use in bulletproof vests) to ensure the lightest, stiffest, most durable construction possible. The battery pack and drivetrain also feature high-grade anodized aluminum and lightweight plastics to ensure Awake boards are tough enough for anything you and the elements can throw at them.
Hydrodynamic design
Like the rocker design, our unique hydrodynamic design* also significantly impacts how the board handles in the water. It’s all about your style. Are you a high-speed cruiser? Do you tear it up with precision carving? Are you looking for a little of both? Our boards offer different shapes to accommodate the way you ride; M-shaped, V-shaped, and W-shaped designs.